June 18, 2014


I spent my weekend at my friend's cabin. It was really nice to be in the middle of nowhere for a change.
It was so refreshing to just listen to music, eat, talk bullshit, and drink.
I've lost almost all my contact with my friends, I can say that at the moment I only have one true friend (and my boyfriend). But it's weird cause I don't mind, I'm just happy that life has led me to the right people for me, so far. You'll never know what happens next, but I'm just happy here and now.

These four pictures are pretty much the only photos I took during my weekend. 
I only have 2 movie recommendations for you guys this time, but they're both really super great.


This movie is the best movie I have seen in a long time. If I had to choose a movie that describes my mind the most, this would be one of the few. Mary And Max tells a story between two unlikely pen pals; Mary, a lonely eight-year-old girl living in Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year old, severely obese man living in New York.
I know, it doesn't seem that special, and even I was questioning the high rate of this movie, but I honestly fell in love. It is funny and absolutely sad at the same time, it tells you how you should love yourself before loving anyone else, and it teaches you how you shouldn't change yourself for anyone else.


I'm a huge fan of Wes Anderson, so I knew that I would like, or even love, The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was even better than I would've expected. The casting was absolutely perfect, Tony Revolori was such a cutiepie and Ralph Fiennes captured his role perfectly. It's that kind of movie that I might want to see it 10 times in a row. I also might have ordered some ''Lobby Boy'' inspired accessorize. 


  1. Anonymous18/6/14 01:32

    love both movies!! went to see GBH 3 times, absolutely worth it!

    1. I'm totally gonna buy it and see it over and over again :D

  2. Anonymous18/6/14 10:20

    GBH oli aivan loistava ja Ralph myös. :D

    mitä on noi keksit joissa vaahtista välissä = miten valmistetaan? :)

    Ja sehän on niin että mielummin muutama hyvä ystävä kuin kavereita kymmenittäin!

    1. Kulkee S'more nimellä jenkeissä. Paahdetaan (grillissä) vaahtokarkkia ja litistetään kahden keksin ja suklaapalan väliin. Pirkalta tosin löytyy keksejä, joissa on suklaata valmiiks, joten ei tarvi ostaa ku niitä ja vaahtokarkkeja http://www.k-ruoka.fi/pirkka-tuotteet/pirkka-mireille-suklaakeksi-150-g/ ihan törkeen hyviä *__*

  3. Toi Mary And Max on aivan ihana <3

  4. Ihanat nuo ekan kuvan sandaalit, saako kysyä mistä ne on hankittu?

    1. Missguidedilta, löytyy myös Bubbleroomilta, tosin kalliimmalla. Aivan ihanan näköset mut ainakin toistaseks ne on hangannu mun jalkapöydän ruville :<

  5. Anonymous19/6/14 01:34

    ihanaa että sulla vaikuttaa menevän nyt hyvin :) ja ihanaa kun postaat kans

    1. Menee pitkästä aikaa hyvin ^_^ Ja tekee mieli päivitellä blogia usein!


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