January 31, 2014

I feel old but not very wise

Happy days! I finally got new glasses. My vision isn't as bad as I thought it would be (-1,75) but I still should wear glasses all the time. It used to be a problem for me cause I just don't like wearing them and I feel that I'm 100% better looking without glasses. But now that I have two great pair of glasses I'm thinking that I might change my mind. 

Pair number one. I like them cause they're so big and they look good with basic clothes.

Pair number two. I'm probably gonna wear these catlike glasses more with dresses and pretty clothes. 

And these are my old glasses. God, compared to my new glasses these look super dumb and square.

What do you think about them? And if you have to wear glasses too, what kind of glasses do you own?

January 29, 2014

Your heart is my piñata

Some Sheinside stuff I got! Don't worry, I'll try my best to photograph regular outfits and other stuff.

This dress is so beautiful. I think the shape of the dress might make you look a little chubbier than you are, but I don't care. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm not skinny and it doesn't matter to me if I look heavier, I still feel beautiful. I can think myself wearing this with red lipstick, leather jacket and pearl necklace. You can find the dress in here!

I've wanted this kind of jacket for a long time. I think this is easy to style with both formal and dressy clothes. You can find it in here! (The dress under the jacket is from Boohoo. I used to hate taft material so much, but I seem to grow love everything I used to hate)

This jacket might not be the prettiest jacket there is, but it's so warm and cozy! I have the same jacket in blue and I've worn both of these so many times. You can find it in here!

January 28, 2014


Movies are my favourite form of art (next to books) that some of you might have guessed already. I watch movies a lot and from different genres. I like to cry, laugh, get angry and get scared while watching them. Some of my favourite music albums are soundtracks from different movies, cause I can associate the music from different scenes and it gives it a whole new depth.

That's why I thought that I could do this little review post every month of some of the movies I've seen during that month. I could list my new favourites, but also movies that I didn't like. I've already seen 28 movies this month (what a loser, you probably think) so I think that's a great start.

Here's the list, and first I'm gonna review my favourite movie of the month:


This little Australian flick gives me shivers still even though I saw it several weeks ago. To put it short, it's a story of Rachel Barber, beautiful 15-year-old dancer girl who goes missing one night. This movie is based on a real events that happened in 1999. I have never seen any movie that follows so closely the true events. Everything I've read about the real case is portrayed in the movie perfectly. This is no happy movie, it makes you cry, it makes you think and it sticks into your skin for days. 
I can't believe that this only has 6,5 rating in IMDB, that's how much I liked it. I don't know why this affected me this much and if it's only just me, but I really do recommend this one. 


I've always loved the darkness of Korean cinema, and this is no exception. The movie is about Bok-Nam, a woman, who lives in a remote island, who's been mentally, physically, and sexually abused for years. It's about friendship, doing the right, and about how things can drive nice people into doing bad things. If you have a sensitive stomach , I advise you not to watch this movie, for it has pretty gory scenes. The movie has some pretty pointless and ridiculous scenes, but I think it's a must watch. 


I didn't love this movie, cause it lacks something that I usually need while watching movies, but I still find it very interesting, moving and it has some good points. It's a vampire story, not any usual vampire love story though, but about a mother and daughter, and about morals. It's a very cruel story shot and made visually very beautiful. And Caleb Landry Jones is very strange looking but I sort of fell in love with him. 


Ugh, even mentioning this movie here makes me mad. And how on earth does this movie have 7,1 rating?!
If you like this, just please, let me know why. Shortly, this is a story about a woman who gets prescribed drugs for depression and how they make her have side effects. First of all, this movie gives so stereotypical and shallow vision about depression and drugs. It's like someone watched some depression awareness film from the 80's and made a movie about the image they got from it. 
Second, this just plain sucks. It's very dull and the ''plot twist'' made me laugh. You can't suspect the plot twist, cause there is no signs of it. That's what I hate the most about movies; Characters that act in front of the camera. Someone's the killer in a movie but they act just like everybody else, they get surprised and there's just no sign of them every doing that until the big ''plot twist'' comes. 
Just. No. Ugh. 

Movies that I also liked: Somersault, Smashed, The Truth About Emanuel, What Maisie Knew, How I Live Now

Movies I didn't like: Antiviral, Wish You Were Here, Plush, Gardens Of The Night

January 21, 2014


Mart Of China sent me these two lovely items some time ago. When I saw this Lumpy Space Princess bodysuit, I can it had to be mine. I have LSP dress from Black Milk, but Black Milk's products are so expensive. This bodysuit is very good quality and you can find it in here!

I also chose those boots which you can see in the photos. They have this little fur in them and they're super comfy. You can find them in here.

January 16, 2014


I always seem to lost my interest in blogging when winter comes. I tend to wear basic and  boring clothes and I just lay in my bed playing games and watching Netflix. 
I have so many new cool things to show you guys and  today I decided to post some of them.

Oasap sent me some great things, and here they are:

I can't describe how much I love this Rihanna sweater. It's so funny and cool and different. This is definitely what I'm gonna wear every time I'm pissed. It's very good quality and the print looks incredibly real. You can find the sweater here!

I also chose this awesome bag. These two are very different style, but I really like mixing styles and wearing clothes that match my mood. You can find the bag in here!

I bought Girls seasons 1 and 2, some fake lashes and Lana Del Rey iPhone case from eBay. I'm in love with Girls and Lena Dunham is my idol.

And I re-pierced my septum. I just really missed having it so one day I just decided to get it. 

January 1, 2014


Have an amazing new year!

Here is the make up post I promised to do some time ago. This is not a tutorial, I just put make up on my face without any imagination, really. So here's the products I use and find good.

Tässä olis nyt se meikkipostaus mitä lupailin joku aika sitten. Tää postaus ei ole mikään tutoriaali, mä heitän vaan meikit naamaani ilman mitään sen suurempia vaivoja. Esittelen siis tuotteita jotka oon todennut hyviksi.

Chanel natural finish pressed powder (20 Clair), Clarins ever matte skin balancing foundation (108 Sand) and E.L.F. makeup setter

Here's the base of my make up. Besides these I also use No7 green calming primer (which I forgot to photograph) and some shitty concealers. I'm about to buy YSL's concealer which is amazing.
The E.L.F. makeup setter is brilliant. I've always had trouble keeping my makeup in its place, but this keeps it for hours.

Tässä on tuotteet joita käytän meikkipohjaan. Näiden lisäksi käytän No7 vihreää primeriä (jonka unohdin valokuvata) sekä jotain huonoja peiteaineita. Aion ostaa YSL:n peitekynän joka on aivan mahtava. 
Kuvassa oleva E.L.F.in makeup setter on täydellinen mulle. Mulla on aina ollut ongelmia meikin pysyvyyden kanssa, mutta tää auttaa mun meikkejä pysymään useita tunteja.

I also use these two occasionally. Shu Uemura's BB mousse lefts my face really soft and it blends in great but it also feels a bit too thin for me since I always use a bit heavier foundations to keep my red skin away.
I'm the laziest person ever when it comes to skincare, but I use this La Roche-Posay when my skin is very dry.

Käytän myös näitä kahta tuotetta satunnaisesti. Shu Uemuran BB mousse jättää mun ihoni ihanan pehmeäksi ja sulautuu mun ihooni hyvin, mutta tuntuu usein liian kevyeltä mulle. Oon tottunut käyttämään vähän paksumpia meikkivoiteita mun punaisen ihoni takia.

My favourite mascara is Lancome's hypnose star. I already had my doll eyes mascara when I found the hypnose one. It was only 17€ so I decided to give it a go. It's pretty similar to doll eyes but this makes my lashes a lot longer.
Miyo's eyeliner is by far the best one I've had. Every eyeliner I every use used to smudge on my eyelid at some point of the day, but after you apply this liner, it ''dries'' and makes this coat on top of the eyeliner so it doesn't smudge at all. It's also really cheap, like 5€ or something, but I can't find this brand anywhere anymore.

Mun lemppari ripsivärini on Lancomen hypnose star. Mä omistin doll eyesin ennen tätä, mutta päätin ostaa tän kokeiltavaksi koska tää maksoi vaan 17€. Nää kaks on aika samanlaisia, mutta hypnose tekee mun ripset paljon pidemmiksi.
Miyon eyeliner on paras mitä oon ikinä omistanut. Kaikki mun kokeilemat eyelinerit aina jossain kohtaa päivää sotkeutui mun yläluomelle, mutta tää Miyon kuivuu laittamisen jälkeen täysin ja tekee eyelinerin päälle ns. ''kalvon'' jonka takia tää ei tahri yhtään. Tää on myös tosi halpa, noin 5€, mutta tätä merkkiä ei tunnu enää löytyvän mistään.

I use fake lashes very often. I used to use DUO glue and it's very good too, but when I saw this very similar looking glue in Estonia for only 3€ I decided to give it a go. It's as good or even better than DUO's which costs 10€. 

Mä käytän tekoripsiä todella usein. Käytin ennen DUOn ripsiliimaa ja se on tosi hyvää, mutta nähtyäni tän samankaltaisen liiman Virossa 3€ hintaan ajattelin kokeilla. Tää on hyvää ellei jopa parempaa kuin DUO, joka maksaa 10€. 

My favourite make up palettes.

Mun lempi meikkipalettini. 

This Too Faced palette is very pretty. It has great pearly colours. It came with full size eyeliner and great primer.

This Viva La Diva's palette is a replica of Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. I'm not a pro with makeup, so I decided that I don't need the actual and more expensive one. 

Tää Viva La Divan paletti on melkein täysi kopio Urban Decayn Naked 2 paletista. Mä en tosiaan ole mikään ammattilainen meikkien kanssa, joten päätin että tää paljon halvempi kopio riittää mun tarpeisiini.

I bought this E.L.F. beauty book cause I didn't read the description and I thought that this was a small palette that I could carry in my make up bag. It's a shame cause this has really similar colours as my other palettes. This comes with a great little primer and eyeliner and it's a great deal for you if you want something good for a very decent price. 

Mä ostin tän E.L.F.in beauty bookin koska en lukenut tuotekuvausta ja luulin että tää olis tosi pieni paletti jota olisin voinut kantaa mun meikkipussissani. Harmittaa vähän, että otin tän missä on tosi samanlaiset värit mitä mun muissa paleteissani. Tän mukana tuli pieni primeri ja kajaali. Tää on erittäin hyvä ihmiselle, joka haluaa jotain halpaa, mutta myös hyvää.

(From left to right) 8 Iced Plum, 7 Sweet Fig, 3 Ultimate Beige, 13 Peach Passion

YSL's lipsticks are amazing. They have some great colour, they feel silky and smell good. My favourite product is Volupte sheer candy. They're kind of like lipgloss in a a form of a lipstick.

YSL:n huulipunat on mahtavia. Näitä löytyy ihanissa väreissä, nää tuntuu silkkisiltä sekä tuoksuu hyvältä. Mun lemppareja on Volupte sheer candyt. Ne on tavallaan ku huulikiilto huulipunan muodossa. 

Pink Lolita, Anti-oxidant Berry, Mango Pie
Maybelline's Baby Lips are just as good as people say they are. They make your lips very soft and they also give your lips some little colour. 

Maybellinen Baby Lipsit on just niin ihania mitä ihmiset niistä sanoo. Ne tekee huulet ihanan pehmeiksi ja antaa samalla pientä väriä. 

Marc Jacobs Daisy, Marc Jacobs Oh Lola!, Flora By Gucci, Burberry Brit

I also wanted to show you my favourite perfumes. I pretty much have only summery perfumes cause I haven't find any good ones for winter.

Mä ajattelin myös esitellä mun lempi hajuvedet. Mä omistan oikeastaan pelkkiä kesäisiä tuoksuja, koska en vaan löydä mitään talveen sopivia hajuvesiä.