June 4, 2014


From now on I'll try and post at least once a week with something else than outfits and clothing I get. I have tattoo post, all of my shoes, all of my favourite clothes, and my make up routine on my list, but if you have anything else you want to see or hear, let me know! I'm still gonna keep posting about my movie review here, cause I enjoy giving you tips.

I've been having some bad days lately, I get really sad easily and small things seem unbearable. I also forgot to take my meds for a few days and I felt like absolute shit. I was really emotional and I almost felt like dying. That scares me, cause I don't want to be on meds for that long, but I don't know how I'll be able to manage without them. Things are fine at the moment though, and that's enough comfort for me. 

Sheinside once again send me some amazing summer pieces;

First piece I chose is pretty obvious pick coming from me, cause I'm all about cats. I have to admit that at first I was a bit doubtful, cause it's not your most basic dress and it's sort of ugly, but when I tried it on, all the doubt was gone. It's perfect! I like the neutral colours of it, it helps so you can wear it with lots of things. It's a one size fits all, but it's ''swimsuit material'' so it also fits for bigger girls like me. You can find the dress in here!

This set includes both the top and the skirt. It's absolutely perfect for summer for its bright colours and flower print. You can find this set in here!

I don't think that I own any jackets that are light enough to wear in summer, but now I do. This is perfect, cause you can wear it with girly clothes and dresses (because of the pretty details) or with basic clothes, like shorts (cause the shape isn't that feminine). You can find the jacket in here!


  1. Voimia sulle, oot ihana<3 Ja sä et todellakaan oo mikään "bigger girl", just mahtavan näköinen muija!

  2. Anonymous4/6/14 23:15

    wow you look so good I can't even <3 amazing girl!

  3. I'm on these shitty meds too and I know what you feel. If I don't takie my pills once or twice I have sickness and feel really terrible. It's not fair to be like that. Why always inteligent and sensitive people have to have emotional problems? Yes, it sounds a litlle immodest, but it's true. Unfortunetly most of other people don't understand this. I'm waiting on your make-up and movie posts! Kisses beautiful!

  4. Didn't know you are taking meds. I feel sorry for everyone dealing with this kind of stuff, but it actually is quite calming to read that I am not the only one. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anonymous5/6/14 00:17

    Seriously, you are so fucking beautyful, I check your blog almost daily. You can post about everything, it is always an inspiration. I really hope that someday you can live without taking meds. Take care, you seem like a wonderful person

  6. oh no toi kisumekko on niin täydellinen♥

  7. Anonymous5/6/14 12:46

    Et todellakaan oo mikään "iso tyttö" vaan ihan perus terve, naisen muotoinen nainen :)

  8. Anonymous5/6/14 14:20

    Bigger girls like you? Gimme a break.

  9. Anonymous5/6/14 22:58

    Jee kiva kun postailet taas! Ootan tatuointipostausta suurella mielenkiinnolla. :)

    Oot ihana<3

  10. Anonymous6/6/14 00:08

    Oot laihtunut? :)
    Oot kyllä tosi hyvännäkönen nyt! Aivan upee vyötärö! Sulla on kurveja.

  11. Anonymous8/6/14 16:00

    tunsitko lauran? :(

  12. Kuunteletko jotain bändiä/artistia sen verran uskollisesti, että voisit tehdä lempimusapostauksen? Ehkä myös jonkunlainen lyhyt kuvaus musiikin tyylistä tai perusteluja, miks tykkäät siitä (hehe, taitaa olla vähän vaikea kyllä perustella miks sattuu pitämään jostaki musiikista). Himoitsen koko ajan uutta kuunneltavaa, jonka voisin sitte pilata yliluukuttamalla.

  13. I find lots of head of cat in your first. So nice idea, I like cat very much<33


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