December 30, 2012


Chicnova let me pick some cute stuff from their site and these were the things I chose. Super cute dotted skater skirt and this bomb print dress (better pictures coming asap!).

December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas everyone! Here's some of my presents I got, some of them are on their way on mail.

New make up brushes! I really needed these cause my old brushes sucked.

I've already seen this twice, but I had to have it.

I use fake lashes daily, so I went little crazy when I ordered them with my mom.

Spongebob pajamas!

Box full of bindi's. 

Hello Kitty scarf. 

All Sailor Moon seasons + movies *_* 

Galaxy leggings. Love.

Mint green Ax Paris dress.

I also got Jeffrey Campbell's Spiked Litas, silver earrings, silver necklace, chocolate, choker necklace, some make up and bath stuff, perfume,  money, other scarf etc. I'm gonna make another post of what my boyfriend got me, when they all arrive.

I'm more than grateful of what I got!

December 22, 2012



Sorry about these really ugly tights, they're just warm. Jacket is an early Christmas present from my mom.

December 21, 2012


Some time ago I got an opportunity to have some contact lenses from
I chose these grey lenses and at first I thought they looked too creepy, but now I'm kinda used to them. They make me look more intensive and younger (that's not always a bad thing).

 What do you think?

December 15, 2012


Linda has been in my life since the day I was born. I had no idea I could get attached to an animal this strong. She is my best friend and she's always been there. 

Yesterday she got worse. She was breathing really heavily, she was so cold and she couldn't stand up. She wasn't even sleeping, she was just laying there. She was laying next to me the whole night. This morning she silently died in my lap. 

I've been crying like a baby, this whole house feels so empty without her. Rest in peace honey, I miss you so bad. 

Photos of her last night.

December 14, 2012


I got this Sheinside distressed sweater today. I absolutely love it, it's super thick and warm, and I love cats.
It's on sale right now, so if you wanna buy it, click here!

December 12, 2012


Moi suomalaiset lukijat! Päätin teidän iloksi aloittaa uudestaan suomeksi kirjoittamisen, ihan huvin vuoksi.

En oikeastaan koskaan käytä koruja, koska oon niin nirso niiden suhteen. Viime aikoina oon ihastunut kaikenlaisiin pieniin koruihin. Tänään Glitteristä oli pakko ostaa kaksi tällaista pientä riipusta (peace -merkki ja sydän), kappalehinta oli säälittävät 2€. Ostin myös pienet pääkallo korvikset, koska en käytä ikinä mitään korvakoruja, ja halusin vaan jotkut huomaamattomat, joita voi käyttää koko ajan. Ne makso 2,50€.

I rarely wear any jewellery, cause I'm so picky. Lately I've been more and more into tiny pieces of jewellery. I bought some cute stuff from Glitter today; 2 of these super tiny necklaces (Peace sign and heart) and they were only 2€ per piece. I also got these little skull earrings, because I never wear earrings and I just wanted some simple and invisible ones. They cost 2,50€.

Mun ihana seinätarra, jossa on yksisarvinen. Mua harmittaa tosi paljon se, ku muutan omilleni, sillä en saa tätä millään mukaan enkä luultavasti löydä näitä enää mistään.

My lovely unicorn wall sticker. I'm so sad when I'm moving out, because I can't take it with me, and I'm sure I'll never find abother one.

Joitakin mun lemppariasioita tällä hetkellä. 1. Ghost World, ja Daniel Clowes noin yleisesti. 2. The Body Shopin suklaa ihovoide. 3. Uusi bilelaukku. Kirppikseltä, alunperin Gina Tricotista. Maksoi 1,50€. 4. Marc Jacobsin Daisy. Mulla on tätä kaks pulloa. 5. Helmikaulakoru Kierrätyskeskustesta. 6. Käytän päivittäin tekoripsiä.

Some of my favourite stuff atm. 1. Ghost World, and Daniel Clowes in general. 2. Chocolate body butter from The Body Shop. 3. New party bag. I got it from Flea Market, it's originally from Gina Tricot. It cost 1,50€. 4. Marc Jacobs' Daisy. I have 2 bottles of it. 5. Pearl necklace from Recycling Centre. 6. I wear fake lashes daily.

Lushin tuotteet on aivan ihania. Sex Bomb on mun lemppari. 

I love Lush products. Sex Bomb is my favourite.

Ostin nää Tehotyttö pehmolelut kirppikseltä 10snt kappale. Kui säälittävää! 

I bought these Powerpuff Girls from Flea Market, the cost 0,10€ each. 

December 11, 2012


I bought this super cute jacket from Flea Market. It cost 25€. It fits me perfectly and it's so beautiful.

I'm thinking about getting my bangs back. I pinned my hair back and made fake bangs.

December 7, 2012


Oh yes, my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell. I've wanted these black leather spike Litas forever and for some reason they were 130e (I know!) on for a day and now they cost 189e. I'm so happy I got them so cheap. My daddy gave me the money for them so I can use them after Christmas :(

Wore them with my new Oasap  (click!) white lace dress.