November 18, 2013

Started from the bottom and I was somehow able to get lower


I don't know what to write. I'm super tired and exhausted all the time and blah blah blah. 

November 14, 2013


This is going to be a pretty big review post. I got two packages from Sheinside, one today and one about a week ago, and I also got  new shoes from Mart Of China. So you can guess that this material girl inside me is more than satisfied. 

First item from Sheinside is this super lovely kind of 60's baby blue coat. I visited this charity shop today and found that exact same colour little bag for about 3€, they look perfect together. You can find the coat in here (click!).

Like every hipster girl, one of my favourite painting is Botticelli's Birth Of Venus. I got super excited when I found this sweatshirt. You can find the sweatshirt in here!

My granny flower love is fulfilled. I'm in love with this dress! You can find it in here!

This cape jacket is in perfect autumn colour and it's super cosy and soft. You can find it in here!

I already wore this beauty today and it's surprisingly warm. I love the Chanel vibe and it's super chic compared to my other winter jackets. You can find it in here!

I love the huge hood in this jacket! I've worn it basically every day since I got it. You can find it in here!

Boots that I got from Mart Of China. They're super comfy and I really like the spikes, they remind me of my Jeffrey Campbell's. You can find the boots in here! They're only 21,50$

I can't wait to show you these in actual outfits!


I really rarely post photos of my friends cause the usual friend photos are taken with iPhone when we're drunk. We took these photos last summer and it's a bit late, but I love these so I don't care. 

I have so many new things to show you, I can't wait (I even found decent boots for winter which is super hard for me).

November 9, 2013


I promised to show you more of my room, so here it is!
I changed the stickers on my laptop cause they were peeling off pretty badly. I made it more girly this time with my girls Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Bubblegum and Sailor Moon.

I found this amazing painting from this random store for 14€!

This is my favourite thing in my room - my new vanity. Isn't it just amazing?

My precious Nintendo 3DS, lucky cat and bug jewelry. I'm totally obsessed with YSL volupte sheer candy lip balm! I'm thinking about some kind of make up post, what do you think and how should I do the post?

My expensive perfumes, my current favourite is Flora by Gucci. I've never bought any perfume by myself, they're so nice but too expensive. 

My tiny grandma bag collection. I bought all of them from different Flea Markets. Can you believe that I got that suitcase for 5€ only?!

My random shoes. 
I hate to be such an night owl. My camera can be such a noisy fuck and it's pretty hard to take photos with it when everyone else is sleeping. I had a few other things I wanted to show you, but I felt like I was gonna wake everybody else up. At least I have something to show you later.

November 5, 2013


I've gotten really many things to review so there will be a few more cooperation posts than usual. 

Oasap sent me some super pretty stuff. I just recently fell in love with this kind of dresses. Total 60's vibe, makes me feel like some super cool parisienne (but I probably look like a little baby). You can find the dress in here (click!)

I've also discovered the beauty of bugs and I've started to collect bug related clothing and especially jewelry.
I will show them to you when my collection gets bigger. You can find the earrings in here!

And it's again that time of the year when it gets dark outside so early. I'm not a fan of tripods and my mom gets home usually when it's already too dark to take photos in natural light. I promise to try and take most of my photos outside though!

Ja melkein unohdin! Tatuointiarvonnan voitti! Oon suhun yhteydessä!

November 1, 2013


Have a happy Halloween!

We're having a Halloween party tomorrow and I'm dressing up as some weird bloody doll with horns. It'd probably be better without the horns but they're too cute.
I'll probably post better photos of my outfit tomorrow.

Ja muistakaa osallistua tatuointikisaan! Aikaa on 1.1. klo 21.00 saakka. Kisaan pääset tästä.

Here's some Instagram photos from my last weeks:

1. A few days ago I got this amazing Sheinside coat. I've been using it every day, it's super warm and the hood is huge. I'll post photos of my new Sheinside clothes asap! 2. I'm the biggest fan of Lumpy Space Princess (and Adventure Time in general) so I had to buy this iPhone case from eBay. 

1. This is one of the weird looks I like to rock at home. 2. I started to watch Sailor Moon from the start again. 

1. My new pillow case from H&M and my sweet princess. 2. I bought this amazing painting from some cheap store for 13e! I really have to make an updated room post!