July 28, 2014


I made this kind of ''dream world'' post in 2010 and I remembered it just a while ago. I think it's such a cute and fun blog post and it's also nice to compare how your dream looks and dream places change.

Here's the blog post number one, and here's number two.

1. How would you like to spend your day?

I'm quite antisocial, so I'd just love to spend my day reading, being outdoors, hanging with my cat(s) and gardening.

2. What kind of clothes would you like to wear?

The other side of me really likes basic and boring clothes like sneakers, plain shirts and skirts, sandals, backpacks and everything comfy. The other side likes kimonos, loose printed pants, big jewelry, fringes and stuff like that. 

3. What would you look like if you could choose?

I love natural beauty and strong features. If I'd look good without make up I'd probably never wear any. I would just grow my eyebrows big and cute and wear my hair long and curly or a real cute bob.

4. What kind of place would you like to live in?

I love green and nature. I'd love to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by plants and trees.

July 25, 2014


Some Instagram photos.

1. I bought this really cute flower headband from eBay for about 1$. It looks really nice and natural with braided hair. 2. Some eBay jewelry. They're so pretty! 3. My boyfriend said that he's embarrassed to walk with me when I was wearing this outfit cause he thought that it looked like pajamas. Kimono from Choies, shirt from eBay, shorts from Bershka, shoes from Choies. 4. I bought those pants and that backpack from flea market! I'm so lucky. That Frida Kahlo case is from Etsy and it's so beautiful.

I'm a big fan of anime, but I haven't read that much manga. I decided to buy Uzumaki since I've heard so many good things about it. It's really disgusting and weird but I loved it! There's only 3 books of Uzumaki so you won't waste your time if you don't end up liking it and still wanna read how it all ends.

I've been doing really great without meat. I honestly don't even grave it anymore. Even my boyfriend has eaten the same food that I've been making! The only thing that is hard is trying to stop eating milk products, especially cheese. I love some feta cheese and mozzarella. It's also super hard trying to find products that are 100% vegan. 
I discovered this really lovely vegan restaurant in Helsinki. It's called Silvoplee and they sell really good and filling food and other vegan products. They also sell raw cakes and raw chocolates (like that cake in the photo). The only thing that bothered me with that cake was that really strong coconut oil flavor. I think they use it to keep the cake in shape. Raw cakes are also really heavy in a good way, so you're satisfied with just one piece and you don't end up eating the whole cake.

Some selfies, nothing special.

Some photos of our little Pesto. She's really charming and super wild, she likes to jump on things and run really fast. She also likes to tease and play with us, sometimes a bit too rough. She sometimes spits (!) at us. Not because she's scared, but because she's trying to annoy us or something. She has a really strong personality and that makes her so lovely.

Some random photos.

July 18, 2014


I'm sorry for not writing that often. I'm sort of living with my boyfriend and sort of not yet, so most of my stuff is at my mom's house while I spend 99,9% of my time at my boyfriend's.
I've been doing quite good and I actually stopped smoking and eating meat about a week ago. I used to be a pretty big meat eater so I wasn't sure at all if I could do it. But I've been feeling great! Honestly, this whole time has been so easy. I've always been a big fan of veggies, fruits, berries, nuts, beans and stuff like that. I just need to learn cooking, I'm not that good at it and I need to eat healthy and more nutritious food.
I decided to stop eating meat because it's really disgusting how animals are treated and I know that you can eat and live just fine without hurting animals.

I've also decided to stop wearing make up that uses animal testing. I'm really sad that Maybelline tests on animals, since I'm addicted with Baby Lips lip balms. It's not a big deal though, I can live without it. I'm also really sad that Gucci tests on animals, cause my absolute favourite perfume is Flora by Gucci.
Some of the brands that don't test on animals are Lush, Wet 'N Wild, Victoria's Secret, Too Faced etc.

And I know that it only has been a week and I might change my mind, but I'm pretty positive about this.

Vessos sent me some cute clothes some time ago and I'm posting some photos of them. And as you can see in these photos, I'm totally in love with the ''ugly sandals'' trend. I almost got Birkenstocks, but then I found my white Scholl shoes from flea market for 9e!


Oon pahoillani etten oo postaillut kovin usein. Mä tavallaan asun mun poikaystäväni luona ja tavallaan en kuitenkaan. Mun suurin osa tavaroista on mun äidin luona vaikka vietän 99,9% ajastani mun poikaystävän luona.

Mulla menee oikeastaan aika hyvin. Mä itseasiassa päätin lopettaa tupakoinnin sekä lihan syönnin noin viikko sit. Mä olin ennen aika suuri lihan ystävä, joten en todellakaan ollut varma tulisko tää yritys edes toimimaan. Mutta mä voin tosi hyvin! Oikeesti, tää koko viikko on ollut tosi helppoa. Mä oon kuitenkin aina tykännyt vihanneksista, hedelmistä, marjoista, pähkinöistä, pavuista jne. Mun täytyy vaan opetella kokkaamaan, en oo oikeestaan yhtään hyvä siinä ja mun pitäis alkaa syömään terveellisesti ja ravinteikkaampaa ruokaa. Mä halusin lopettaa tupakoinnin, koska mun mielestä eläinten kohtelu on tosi oksettavaa ja mä ainakin pystyn erittäin hyvin elämään ilman eläinten satuttamista.

Aattelin myös lopettaa meikkien käytön joita on kokeiltu eläimillä. Oon aika surullinen siitä että Maybellineä on kokeiltu eläimillä, koska oon addiktoitunut Baby Lips huulirasvaa. No, osaan elää kyl ilmankin. Ärsyttää myös se, että Gucci testaa eläimillä, koska Flora By Gucci on aivan ihana tuoksu.
Lush, Wet 'N Wild, Victoria's Secret ja Too Faced on mun lempimerkkejä jotka ei testaa eläimillä.

Mä tiedän kyllä et oon ollut vain viikon ilman lihaa, mutta mä ainakin haluan uskoa et tää päätös on pysyvä.

Vessos lähetti mulle vähän aikaa sit söpöjä vaatteita ja esittelen ne nyt tässä postauksessa. Ja kuten saatatte huomata, oon ihan rakastunut tähän ''rumat sandaalit'' trendiin. Meinasin jo ostaa Birkenstockit, mutta bongasin noi valkoset Schollit kirppikseltä 9e!

Denim jacket from Vessos, top from H&M, skirt from Lindex, sandals from H&M

I've been looking for a perfect denim jacket for ages! It's everything I wanted and I've been using it a lot. It's only 8,99$ and you can find it in here!

Sweater from Vessos, shorts from H&M, flatform sandals from Missguided

This sweater is super soft and cute for fall, I'm really in love with those mesh parts. The sweater is 8,99$ and you can find it in here!

 Shirt from Vessos

I'm a big Wes Anderson fan and I was really excited when I saw this shirt! I have no idea what I'm gonna wear it with but I just really loved it. You can find it in here!

Shirt from Vessos, skirt from eBay, sandals from Scholl

I need more shirts, so I got this one. It's cute and basic but not boring. You can find it in here!