October 11, 2014


I used to do these blog posts about my favourite clothing and stuff, so I thought that it'd be nice to do another one of my shoes. I post outfit photos very rarely (I'd like to do that more often but I'm just too lazy) so you never really see any of my shoes. 

I used to wear heels all the time, some of you might remember, but I've gotten old and lazy and I just never wear them anymore. I like my shoes flat and comfy, and sometimes even kind of ugly. And I also used to buy shoes all the time and I never wore them and I feel so stupid now.

My latest addition is these Sorel Joan of Arctic winter boots. I bought these as used and I got them for 77€, they cost about 150€ when they're new. I would never buy them as new cause they're suede (I think?) and they're so expensive! Most of you probably think that these are ugly, but they're honestly so warm and cozy and I find them real cute also.

I really like how Dr. Martens boots look, but they just never fit in my leg. They always start to hurt and scratch my foot when I'm wearing them, even though I've had them for so long.

I bought these shoes from flea market for 5€ and they're brand new! They're very chic and the heel isn't too high for me.

These boots are so nice and pretty casual and they can make any outfit look very sharp and pretty.

I've been using these boots A LOT and I'm surprised how good quality they are. Sadly I don't remember which eBay seller I got them from cause I'd really want to buy another pair when I can no longer wear these.

I still love these shoes even though I got them about 3 years ago. They're Chloé knock offs and they originally cost 100€ but I got them for 30€.

These Melissa rain boots are the cutest! They're very slim and they don't look or feel like you're wearing rain boots.

Even though these aren't really my style anymore, I don't want to sell them cause they're so cool and unique.

These ''fake'' Converse's are way cooler than the ordinary ones. They are very comfortable and usually easy to walk with, but one time I fell over with these pretty badly.

These cut out boots are so comfy and soft and I wear them a lot, as you can see.

These holographic sandals are so pretty!

Jelly sandals are the best! They're very cute and childlike.

Ugly sandals are the best! I was so sad that summer ended cause I miss wearing these ugly things.

I really like shoes that have a small heel. They give me extra length (I'm very short) and they still remain comfy. 

Hands down the prettiest shoes I've ever own,

In my opinion these heels are crazy high, but I think I need to own something simple and sexy.

I always wonder why I even bought these shoes, but I just can't sell them cause they're just crazy kind of cute.

I got these last Christmas and I've wore them 0 times. They're just really hard to pair with anything. I just dream that one day I'm traveling to Tokyo and I'm gonna wear the shit out of these.

October 4, 2014


Beautiful orange leaves and fresh autumn breeze is finally here. I like summer, who doesn't, but I was getting sick of the heat and wearing shorts and t-shirts all the time.

I got some cute things to wear from Sheinside also;

Hat from H&M, skater skirt and boots from eBay

This so cute and warm sweater is so thick and it looks something like your grandma would make (in a good way). It's gonna keep me warm, especially when the winter comes. You can find the sweater in here!

Striped shirt from flea market and boots from Dr. Martens

I thought that this was going to be a proper jacket but it's very silky and thin, it's more like a kimono in my opinion. I really love the mossy green colour and the softness of it. You can find it in here!

Biker jacket from Bik Bok and boots from Mart Of China

This chiffon kimono isn't very autumnly, but it looks really great underneath jackets and it's a nice pop of colour with black clothes. I really like the print, it looks very water colour like. You can find it in here!

October 3, 2014


My new tattoo which I got yesterday. It's a bit swollen and red but I just wanted to show it to you cause it couldn't be more perfect. It's really weird and unique and I love it!

I finished Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl in two days. It was so interesting and good, I just simply couldn't keep my hands away. It was so so so good but I was rather disappointed with the ending. I'm looking forward to see the movie! I was so impressed with Gone Girl so I bought Sharp Objects yesterday and I've already read about 150 pages. It's not nearly as good as Gone Girl but it's pretty good still.

I've bought more and more E.L.F. products and I just love them all.

Everything's from flea markets except the lucky cat and the candle. I've found so many great things for our home from flea markets that I don't know where to put them all.