September 25, 2013


I got the most perfect tattoo ever. Words can't describe how much I love it, thank you dad!

Don't forget to read the post below this, I just made it yesterday!

September 24, 2013


I'd like to post my basic outfit of the day photos, but I'm afraid that they're too basic. I promise that I'm going to try to post even once a week something I wore on my regular days! 

Mart Of China sells some crazily cheap shoes for every type of shoe lover. You can buy a pair of super pretty high heels for under 15$! I chose these two flat shoes, cause I wanted something that I can wear every day.

sweater from sheinside

I chose these shoes, because I'm in love with flatforms. I'm also crazy about those straps and bows. You can wear them pretty much in every occasion, they're comfy for every day use and they're also pretty, so you can easily wear them at parties. You can also get them in nude. You'll find the shoes in here (click!) and they're only 17$.

sweater from choies

These shoes look like something that a five year old girl would be forced to wear at Sunday school; and I love them! I don't know if I'm crazy, but I've noticed that I'm in love with these type of shoes. I can totally see myself wear these with some 60s style jacket, little colourful dress and thick stocking this autumn! You can find them also in pink, blue and nude. You'll find the shoes in here (click) and they cost 15$.

September 21, 2013



Sheinside sent me the most beautiful dress (or any piece of clothing) ever. It's a look-a-like  D&G, but I couldn't afford that in a million years. It's this gorgeous red and blue and there's soldier print in it. It fits me like a glove and I wish that I could use it every day. You can find it in here (click!)


I wanted something warm and cozy because fall is here. This yellow brightens boring fall weather. You can the the sweater in here (click!)

I absolutely love this jacket, it's really 60s (which I love) and also perfect for fall. This colour and shape looks good with everything. You can find it in here (click!)

Tomorrow I'm going to post another movie/TV-show/book review!

September 15, 2013



“But why is it that if you imagine a baby who smells of milk, for example, you can't help smiling? Why is there such an agreement around the world about what is or isn't a foul smell? Who decided what smells bad? Is it impossible that somewhere in this world there are people who, if they sat next to a homeless fellow they'd get the urge to snuggle up to him, but if they sat next to a baby they'd get an urge to kill it?” 

First, I want to introduce my favourite author to you; Ryu Murakami.
I found his work when I first fell in love with Asian cinema and I saw Audition. Audition is a film by Takashi Miike, based on a novel with the same name.

Ryu writes mostly mystery and thriller books, by far the best from this genre in my opinion.
Like Asian films, Asian books also have this strangely captivating feel in them, they're not like any other books. I've always liked to read about tragedies and the dark side of human beings, I'm not sure why. Ryu does this almost too well and after reading a book of his I always tend to feel a bit uneasy, but I still want more. So far I've read Audition, Piercing and In The Miso Soup and I'm reading Coin Locker Babies at the moment. 


I'm A Cyborg But That's Ok is a movie about a girl who thinks she's a cyborg and who goes into a mental hospital and falls for a guy who thinks that he can steal people's souls. Sounds freaking amazing, doesn't it? Just the name and the plot together should make you want to see the movie. And it's much more than that. The movie makes you laugh and cry, it makes you think and feel. The characters are super quirky and lovable in every way. 


I actually just saw the first episode of this show about a week ago and I was sold immediately. Orange Is The New Black is the best new thing I've discovered in a while. In short, it's about a woman who gets sentenced to prison for 15 months. I just love the witty and dirty dialogue and the characters are so well written. I especially love it that in every episode you get to introduced how some of the main characters got into prison in the first place. It's so much better (and imaginative) than just being forced to guess. And I just can't get over how much Taylor Schilling (Piper) looks like Katy Perry in the show! 

September 13, 2013


Many of you seemed to be interested in that book post, but also what movies/series I watch. Since I'm a big time movie/tv junkie (I watch at least 1 movie every day) I thought that I could combine all of those three. I was thinking about posting once or twice a week a post where I could tell my 1 favourite author/book, 1 favourite movie and 1 TV-show. What do you think? I'm probably starting it this Sunday!

I didn't get that MLP jacket from Sheinside for no reason; I've always loved them. I got all of these from flea market for 12e. Some (most) of you might think it's a waste of money; I think they're such a cuties and it would be stupid not to buy them. One of them even says it's from 1984.

Latest addition to my Bart Simpson family is this shirt. It's so soft and cozy. You can find it in here (click!)

This super cute cherry dress makes me feel like a princess. You can find it in here (click!)

September 8, 2013


Sheinside sent me pieces so amazing that I could cry.

Jacket Sheinside, top 2nd hand, skirt H&M, shoes Unif

This has to be my favourite. It is so 90's that you just have to love it. Pastel pink sleeves and sweet My Little Pony print. You can find it in here.

Headband Glitter, earrings H&M, top Sheinside, flats Zara

I'm in love with this dress! (I wear in as a top). I love Frida Kahlo. You can find it in here.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, I think that this will be the only dress I'll wear at bar from now on. I'll post better outfit photos wearing this. You can find it in here.

September 5, 2013


Oasap sent me some cute stuff for fall!

You can find the necklace from here (click!)
I've wanted this kind of lion necklace for so long but it's always been too pricey. 

Cardigan from Oasap, Dress from Flea Market, Heels from Unif

You can find the cardigan in here (click!)
I fell in love with this cute cardigan, it's so comfy and it'll look good with everything. It's probably too warm to wear just yet. Someone on Tumblr said ''I think we've officially reached that annoying time in the year where it's sweater weather in the morning, but by midday, if you wear a sweater, you die from a heatstroke''. Words of wisdom.