May 11, 2014


I got Polaroid 300 camera for my birthday and I've been playing with it a lot. At first I was careful with it, I didn't take any ''unnecessary'' photos with it or anything until I realized that it doesn't matter. I enjoy taking photos with it and it's fun to look at them, even if they're not the most important photos. 

I also got some cute things from Sheinside and Mart Of China;

I'm in love with dresses like this (lace trimmed hem) and this one is even more gorgeous than the usual black. I love the length of it, but I'm not 100% sure if it suits me since I'm pretty short (157cm). You can find the dress in here!

These gorgeous heels are from Mart Of China. They're incredibly beautiful pink colour and they make every dress look even more beautiful. You can find them here!

Second item from Sheinside is this beautiful kimono with fringed hem. I don't think that I'm ever going to have enough kimonos, they're super comfortable, interesting and you can wear them with everything. Perfect piece of clothing. You can find the kimono in here!

The print of this dress is absolutely perfect, it looks just the right dress for my taste. You can find it in here!


  1. Anonymous12/5/14 03:45

    looove that dress and that picture with the beautiful cat!
    you are lookin prettier than ever :*

  2. Anonymous12/5/14 11:24

    Wow your face is so beautiful!
    These clothes really fit you

  3. Anonymous12/5/14 17:16

    ihania asuja <3 näytät hyvältä. ois silti kiva saada lisää tekstipostauksiaki :)

  4. Anonymous14/5/14 23:58

    uhhhuuuu kukas tää jamppa on? ;) polaroidit on kivoja! ihana kimono tsydeemi myös!

  5. Those shoes are to die for !


  6. Anonymous23/5/14 11:46

    anelen että tekisit taas leffa/tvsarja/kirja-postauksen,mieluiten nuo kaikki ;)
    sun vinkit on parhaita <3

  7. So beautiful. I like the green and white one dress. It is so fresh<33

  8. Anonymous28/5/14 19:38

    Pitäiskö sun päivittää noi tiedot? Ku et oo enää 20 vee..


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