November 1, 2013


Have a happy Halloween!

We're having a Halloween party tomorrow and I'm dressing up as some weird bloody doll with horns. It'd probably be better without the horns but they're too cute.
I'll probably post better photos of my outfit tomorrow.

Ja muistakaa osallistua tatuointikisaan! Aikaa on 1.1. klo 21.00 saakka. Kisaan pääset tästä.

Here's some Instagram photos from my last weeks:

1. A few days ago I got this amazing Sheinside coat. I've been using it every day, it's super warm and the hood is huge. I'll post photos of my new Sheinside clothes asap! 2. I'm the biggest fan of Lumpy Space Princess (and Adventure Time in general) so I had to buy this iPhone case from eBay. 

1. This is one of the weird looks I like to rock at home. 2. I started to watch Sailor Moon from the start again. 

1. My new pillow case from H&M and my sweet princess. 2. I bought this amazing painting from some cheap store for 13e! I really have to make an updated room post!


  1. Anonymous2/11/13 11:08

    Käytsä töissä?

  2. Love your eyemakeup it's very Twiggy style, or even Clockwork orange and the cat pillow case is rad! Hope you had a nice Halloween :) xoxo, Liz

  3. Anonymous4/11/13 11:33

    heei, tuleeko ilmoitus tatska-arvonnasta voittaneelle miten? :)

  4. I just wondered - do you study? And if yes, what? :))


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