November 14, 2013


This is going to be a pretty big review post. I got two packages from Sheinside, one today and one about a week ago, and I also got  new shoes from Mart Of China. So you can guess that this material girl inside me is more than satisfied. 

First item from Sheinside is this super lovely kind of 60's baby blue coat. I visited this charity shop today and found that exact same colour little bag for about 3€, they look perfect together. You can find the coat in here (click!).

Like every hipster girl, one of my favourite painting is Botticelli's Birth Of Venus. I got super excited when I found this sweatshirt. You can find the sweatshirt in here!

My granny flower love is fulfilled. I'm in love with this dress! You can find it in here!

This cape jacket is in perfect autumn colour and it's super cosy and soft. You can find it in here!

I already wore this beauty today and it's surprisingly warm. I love the Chanel vibe and it's super chic compared to my other winter jackets. You can find it in here!

I love the huge hood in this jacket! I've worn it basically every day since I got it. You can find it in here!

Boots that I got from Mart Of China. They're super comfy and I really like the spikes, they remind me of my Jeffrey Campbell's. You can find the boots in here! They're only 21,50$

I can't wait to show you these in actual outfits!


  1. Omg, I love almost everything in this post! Especially the Venus Sweater!! So cool :)

  2. Oi ihana toi eka takki!

  3. Onko noi sun omat hiukset vai onko sulla pidennykset (: ?

  4. lovely outfits! i love to see your style evolving and changing, it seems like you are always one step ahead from current trends.

  5. Have you stayed very thin :) What happened that fooled so many?

    1. I don't know what you mean :D I haven't lost any weight, I'm pretty much the same as I've been for a long time

  6. Toinen kuva aaaenkestä, sulle sopii niin oikeesti kaikki tyylit nyt se on todistettu.. Kateellinen täällä murisee.. :3 Olispa miulkii tuo siun itsevarmuus, pidä se (tänne voi lähettää kans vähäsen..) :') ihanaa joulun odotusta siule <3 t. blogiasi rakastava hölömö


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