November 5, 2013


I've gotten really many things to review so there will be a few more cooperation posts than usual. 

Oasap sent me some super pretty stuff. I just recently fell in love with this kind of dresses. Total 60's vibe, makes me feel like some super cool parisienne (but I probably look like a little baby). You can find the dress in here (click!)

I've also discovered the beauty of bugs and I've started to collect bug related clothing and especially jewelry.
I will show them to you when my collection gets bigger. You can find the earrings in here!

And it's again that time of the year when it gets dark outside so early. I'm not a fan of tripods and my mom gets home usually when it's already too dark to take photos in natural light. I promise to try and take most of my photos outside though!

Ja melkein unohdin! Tatuointiarvonnan voitti! Oon suhun yhteydessä!


  1. Nice!
    I have one private question.
    Have you lost weight?

  2. Anonymous6/11/13 18:06 :S

  3. Tykkään sun kengistä!

  4. oh pleeeease tell me, where are your shoes from? they are ohso perfect O.O hahah. (oh girl, I follow your blog for such a long time it seems like eternity .))) weird, maybe. whatevs, saying hihihi finally .) hugs and kisses beautypoo!)


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