December 24, 2014


I wish you all merry Christmas! Christmas is my favourite holiday of all, I really like spending time with my family and eating good food (although this year it was pretty hard cause I love ham, but I haven't had a bite of any kind of meat in almost 6 months). This is also the first Christmas I'm spending with Behnam and Pesto's first Christmas ever.

Like every year, I'm going to show you what I got for Christmas. I'm super happy with everything I got!

This bag is my favourite thing ever! It's fake Vlieger & Vandam, but the real one is just way too expensive for me, so instead I got this. I'm going to wear this everyday, but I'm also hoping that no one think that I have an actual gun in my purse.

A couple of new iPhone cases. The red one looks exactly like real candy wrapper.

I got so many make up products, but this one is my favourite. It's Naked 3 dupe palette from W7. I ordered this with my boyfriend from Kosmetik4Less (you should check it out, there's so many cheap and great products). This one cost 9€ (how crazy!) and the Naked 3 palette costs around 50€.

I also got tons of new lip products from E.L.F., NYX, Wet 'N' Wild, Essence and Klean Color. I'm thinking about making a review of these and other things that I got, like posting photos of how they actually look.

Lip balms from my mom. My lips are always super chapped, so these are great.

Bronzer from W7. I love it, the packaging is awesome and the bronzer looks great on my skin. Too Faced has a bronzer that looks almost exactly like this one.

Some new highlighters from Behnam.

Eyeshadows. I'm into peachy and reddish glitter shadows.

Golden glitter eyeliner, new mascara and my absolute favourite foundation.

Transparent and red lipliner.

Glitter nail polish. I already tested this and it looks so neat, I have to definitely show you how it looks irl.

Blush in tube.

Body wash, conditioner and body lotion from Desert Essence and super sweet Victoria's Secret body lotion. I'm gonna smell super nice, I have so many body and hair products.

Adventure Time. My favourite show and probably my new favourite shirt.

Super cute mugs.

New camera! I've been in need of some simple and small camera that I can carry with me, cause my current camera is too big.

Super soft bathrobe.

Duvet cover sets for me and Behnam.

I also got some money, hair extensions (my hair is finally going to be long!!!), pajamas, chocolate, candles and so on.


  1. Pretty cool stuff, i like it

  2. i love your christmas posts forever! can still remeber the one you got the skins seasons =D

  3. Anonymous23/1/15 07:06

    toi sierra bees on ihan parasta!


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