April 12, 2014


I thought about making some smaller posts for a change, so that way I'll post more often. 
This time it's about my taste in fashion and some inspiration photos.

Many of you know that my style changes quite often, it's just the way I've always been, I get bored very easily and I feel the need to change myself and everything around me. At the moment I'm into big and interesting jewelry, kimonos, loose clothing, pleated and skater skirts, interesting fabrics, weird prints, shoes with minimum heels (I used to wear heels all the time but now my shoe keyword is comfortable), brown and dark red lipstick, white nail polish, fringes and stuff like that. 

I also decided to add some of my favourites from Sheinside.

black lace top from here, floral top with spaghetti straps from here and black cropped vest from here

Some tops with interesting cuts.

Piano hem dress from here, asymmetrical dress from here, denim pinafore dress from here

Cool and different dresses.


  1. who is the girl in the first picture left? O.O

    1. I wish I had an idea, but I found that photo from Tumblr :<


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