January 29, 2014

Your heart is my piñata

Some Sheinside stuff I got! Don't worry, I'll try my best to photograph regular outfits and other stuff.

This dress is so beautiful. I think the shape of the dress might make you look a little chubbier than you are, but I don't care. It shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm not skinny and it doesn't matter to me if I look heavier, I still feel beautiful. I can think myself wearing this with red lipstick, leather jacket and pearl necklace. You can find the dress in here!

I've wanted this kind of jacket for a long time. I think this is easy to style with both formal and dressy clothes. You can find it in here! (The dress under the jacket is from Boohoo. I used to hate taft material so much, but I seem to grow love everything I used to hate)

This jacket might not be the prettiest jacket there is, but it's so warm and cozy! I have the same jacket in blue and I've worn both of these so many times. You can find it in here!


  1. Anonymous29/1/14 18:51

    I love the way you styled the purple dress! so so beautiful and wearable!

  2. Oih tuo harmaa takki on silkkaa rakkautta <3 Ja näytät mielestäni upealta ja erityisesti kaksi ensimmäistä kuvaa ovat todella kauniita.

  3. lovely :) i like the ladylike style!
    greetings from germany :)

  4. Oot kyllä söppänä!

  5. I've been reading your blog for three years now, and I love how your style keeps changing! The jacket with the hood is very cute.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw


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