January 28, 2014


Movies are my favourite form of art (next to books) that some of you might have guessed already. I watch movies a lot and from different genres. I like to cry, laugh, get angry and get scared while watching them. Some of my favourite music albums are soundtracks from different movies, cause I can associate the music from different scenes and it gives it a whole new depth.

That's why I thought that I could do this little review post every month of some of the movies I've seen during that month. I could list my new favourites, but also movies that I didn't like. I've already seen 28 movies this month (what a loser, you probably think) so I think that's a great start.

Here's the list, and first I'm gonna review my favourite movie of the month:


This little Australian flick gives me shivers still even though I saw it several weeks ago. To put it short, it's a story of Rachel Barber, beautiful 15-year-old dancer girl who goes missing one night. This movie is based on a real events that happened in 1999. I have never seen any movie that follows so closely the true events. Everything I've read about the real case is portrayed in the movie perfectly. This is no happy movie, it makes you cry, it makes you think and it sticks into your skin for days. 
I can't believe that this only has 6,5 rating in IMDB, that's how much I liked it. I don't know why this affected me this much and if it's only just me, but I really do recommend this one. 


I've always loved the darkness of Korean cinema, and this is no exception. The movie is about Bok-Nam, a woman, who lives in a remote island, who's been mentally, physically, and sexually abused for years. It's about friendship, doing the right, and about how things can drive nice people into doing bad things. If you have a sensitive stomach , I advise you not to watch this movie, for it has pretty gory scenes. The movie has some pretty pointless and ridiculous scenes, but I think it's a must watch. 


I didn't love this movie, cause it lacks something that I usually need while watching movies, but I still find it very interesting, moving and it has some good points. It's a vampire story, not any usual vampire love story though, but about a mother and daughter, and about morals. It's a very cruel story shot and made visually very beautiful. And Caleb Landry Jones is very strange looking but I sort of fell in love with him. 


Ugh, even mentioning this movie here makes me mad. And how on earth does this movie have 7,1 rating?!
If you like this, just please, let me know why. Shortly, this is a story about a woman who gets prescribed drugs for depression and how they make her have side effects. First of all, this movie gives so stereotypical and shallow vision about depression and drugs. It's like someone watched some depression awareness film from the 80's and made a movie about the image they got from it. 
Second, this just plain sucks. It's very dull and the ''plot twist'' made me laugh. You can't suspect the plot twist, cause there is no signs of it. That's what I hate the most about movies; Characters that act in front of the camera. Someone's the killer in a movie but they act just like everybody else, they get surprised and there's just no sign of them every doing that until the big ''plot twist'' comes. 
Just. No. Ugh. 

Movies that I also liked: Somersault, Smashed, The Truth About Emanuel, What Maisie Knew, How I Live Now

Movies I didn't like: Antiviral, Wish You Were Here, Plush, Gardens Of The Night


  1. Anonymous28/1/14 12:55

    Ootko katsonut Pilvikartaston? Jos, niin mitä pidit?

  2. Anonymous28/1/14 13:40

    Mistä sie katot kaikki elokuvat?

  3. Anonymous28/1/14 15:27

    Oon lukenu son blogia pitkään ja hui ku oot kehittyny englannin kielessä! Ei sillä että oisit mikään sysipaska koskaan ollu mutta huomaa että käytät englantia tosi paljon, meet melkein natiivista!!

  4. please do posts like this more often!!:) maybe about books too?

  5. I loved Byzantium, How I Live Now and most importantly Side Effects. ... I loved the plot twist, I think it was awesome that it wasn't at all expected. .. I like trying to predict what will happen and this totally went a different way... I don't know...I think it was perfect

  6. Anonymous7/2/14 10:10

    Näitkö jo elokuvan "Her"?


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