September 24, 2013


I'd like to post my basic outfit of the day photos, but I'm afraid that they're too basic. I promise that I'm going to try to post even once a week something I wore on my regular days! 

Mart Of China sells some crazily cheap shoes for every type of shoe lover. You can buy a pair of super pretty high heels for under 15$! I chose these two flat shoes, cause I wanted something that I can wear every day.

sweater from sheinside

I chose these shoes, because I'm in love with flatforms. I'm also crazy about those straps and bows. You can wear them pretty much in every occasion, they're comfy for every day use and they're also pretty, so you can easily wear them at parties. You can also get them in nude. You'll find the shoes in here (click!) and they're only 17$.

sweater from choies

These shoes look like something that a five year old girl would be forced to wear at Sunday school; and I love them! I don't know if I'm crazy, but I've noticed that I'm in love with these type of shoes. I can totally see myself wear these with some 60s style jacket, little colourful dress and thick stocking this autumn! You can find them also in pink, blue and nude. You'll find the shoes in here (click) and they cost 15$.


  1. Anonymous25/9/13 19:05

    Oon myös huomannut että tuolla kaupassa on tosi halvat hinnat ja haluaisin tilata sieltä jotain, mutta eikö postimaksuista tuukkin sit tosi paljon lisää hintaa? Joskus kattelin ni postimaksut näytti olevan ainakin yhtä paljon kun mitä esimerkiks noi kengät maksaa.. Oonko väärässä,pliis sano että oon? :)

  2. Anonymous27/9/13 08:59

    I'd like to ask you if you had to take your regular shoe size and if they fitted you? I know it always depends on the brand and so on but I want to order some shoes but don't know about the sizes....


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