August 22, 2014

Your heart is my piñata

I've pretty much moved in with my boyfriend by now, all I really need to do is change the last name on the door and direct my mail here. I'm quite (really fucking) happy with my life at this exact moment. It's so funny to thing that my last relationship lasted for ~2 years and we didn't even talk about moving together. And now I'm moving in with Ben and we have a cat and everything and we've known each other for 6 months. I don't think that it's at all too soon, I really feel just happy.

Today was the first time that B took my outfit photos and they turned out great! I had no idea whether he was good at taking photos or not, so I'm surprised.

Here's some photos of things that Sheinside sent me;

Hat from H&M, dress from Sheinside, Dr. Martens boots

This mushroom dress is the cutest thing ever. I mean, who can resist mushrooms with feet? I'm happy to be this short, because the dress is pretty short too. Lately I've been into all of these nature prints (like mushrooms, leafs and plants) and this is just so perfect for fall. You can find the dress in here!

Moon and star earrings from H&M, dress from Sheinside, heels from

The grid print is probably my favourite print this season. It's really simple and I don't even know why I'm into it. This dress probably makes me look a bit fatter than I am but I'm gonna wear it with a leather jacket or something like that. You can find the dress in here!

Hat from Gina Tricot (2nd hand), jacket from Sheinside, top from Zara (2nd hand, pants from Gina Tricot, sandals from Scholl (2n hand)

This cool jacket reminds me of something that a painter would wear. I love the pale pink colour and it's easy to pair with pretty much anything. You can find it in here!

Kimono and dress from Sheinside, boots from Mart Of China

This outfit is my absolute favourite, I wish I'd look like this every day. Both the dress and the kimono are super soft and comfy. You can find the dress in here and kimono in here!


  1. Anonymous22/8/14 22:17

    Ihana postaus ja asut <3

  2. Anonymous22/8/14 23:12

    mäkin muutin nykyisen poikaystävän kanssa yhteen kun oltiin tunnettu vasta 6kk:D Ei olis kenenkään edellisen poikaystävän kanssa tullut kuuloonkaan:)

  3. Anonymous23/8/14 00:05

    I read your blog for years and this is my first comment...I´m glad you are happy, you deserve it.

    Valeria from Slovakia

  4. Jee mä oon niin onnellinen sun puolesta, että sulla menee hyvin ja että oot onnellinen!!

  5. Anonymous23/8/14 04:00

    Eikää, ihania asukokonaisuuksia! Ei mitää ylivärikästä ja lapsellista weeaboomeininkiä.

  6. Anonymous23/8/14 07:26

    So in love with all these outfits! I love that grid print too! Love the fact your happy! :)

  7. Anonymous24/8/14 15:25

    :) for you

  8. Anonymous25/8/14 09:21

    ilonen sun puolesta että asiat on kääntyny hyvin! :) asut kans hienoja :)

  9. pallomasi26/8/14 00:54

    Mäki olin nähny ton mun karvanaaman kaks viikkoa ennenku vahingossa jäin asumaan sen kanssa saman katon alle. Netissä kerettiin tuntee ehkä se pari kuukautta? Ja mä oon melkeen kolmen vuoden jälkeen edelleen täällä, saman karvanaaman kanssa, ja noi karvaset lapsetkin.
    Mä oon onnellinen sun puolesta, jos vihdoin saisit miehen jonka ansaitset. Oot ihana ja mulla on ikävä sua!

  10. You look gorgeous dear as always!!
    last two outfits were my favorites :)

    I invite you to visit my blog, hope you like it :)

  11. Anonymous30/8/14 17:44

    The last outfit is my favourite outfit too :).good luck with your boyfriend

  12. I love your outfit ! It's really pretty !

    The shoes are amazing !

  13. Anonymous7/10/14 01:51

    None of these outfits makes you look fat.the mushroom dress is so cute

  14. You're so pretty!


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