June 24, 2013


Another Sheinside package arrived and I'm in love as usual. 

First and probably my favourite piece is this lovely black dress. It reminds me of school girl look, which I love. You can find it here (click!) 
Heels are 2nd hand Minna Parikka. I got them for my 18th birthday. 

This floral dress is must-have for this summer! It's really feminine, you can just wear it and put on some lipstick and you'll look great. You can find the dress here (Click!) + bigger sizes are available too.

I'm in love with everything denim right now, so I knew that I needed this in my life. It was supposed to be a dress, but it's pretty much just longer shirt that looks like a dress. It looks great with denim shorts. You can find it here (click!)


  1. Anonymous24/6/13 20:22

    Toi ensimmäinen mekko on tosi hieno, toinen vähän meh mun makuun mut toi viimene on supercool :3 voitsä rosa tehä jonku postauksen sun lemppariasuista tai jotain? Teit semmosen tyyliin pari vuotta sitten(?) ihan vaan ehdottelen jos et esim. keksi mitään postattavaa :-)

  2. Anonymous24/6/13 20:29

    do a post where you take a pic from every tattoo that u have?

  3. Anonymous24/6/13 22:16

    Omg sun hiuksetttt, mitä oot tehny niille ne näyttää ihan extra ihanilta näissä kuvissa (ja edellisen postauksen kuvissa myös)

    1. Kerrankin jotain positiivista tästä pehkosta :D Vähän vaan harjaillut ja suoristanut :)

  4. Tykkään hirveesti viimesestä mekosta ja näytät niin kauniilta siinä :3

  5. I completely fell in love with the flowered dress in the same instant I saw it in your instagram! You have always reminded me a little bit to Blair Waldorf and with that dress you are so much more similar to her!! Call me crazy :) haha
    By the way, we already follow each other on Intagram! I'm @pawiesp ;) see you around the App!

  6. Anonymous25/6/13 12:31

    oot paljon kuumempi kun et oo niin laiha kuin ennen!!!!! :)

  7. toi vika mekko/paita on ihan sika ihana ♥

  8. Anonymous25/6/13 17:21

    toi kukkamekko on ihana! :) senki kaunokainen.

  9. I love the floral dress! <3



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