October 2, 2012


Don't worry, this blog isn't going to turn any Instagram and iPhone photo blog.
I got some cheap deco gem stickers from Tiger and I decided to pimp my Rilakkuma case.
Atm I'm reading book ''Someone Like You'' by Roald Dahl. It's full of different short stories. Roald Dahl is known for his amazing children books that I also love.
My favourite tattoos. They're so prettyyyy.
This photo reminds me of 60's (bottom lashes, hat, that plaid jacket, b&w). I love this hat, I don't even remember where I got it but it's just so cute.
I've had my hair in this style for a while. I just love it, sassy baby spice.

I haven't been writing almost at all about my personal life in a long time. I don't even know why, I've just been kinda tired of writing. I know most of you care about what I write, even if it's nothing special, so I'm gonna try.
I've been going to this free Business Class. It started yesterday and it's kinda fun. I thought that it would be really boring, but I enjoy it. 
I'm not gonna say what the class is for, but someday you'll see.


  1. Anonymous2/10/12 15:11

    ostit hatun kappahlista :D

  2. ää, oot niin söpö! ja noi alaripset oii<3

  3. Anonymous2/10/12 19:02

    oot ihana <3

  4. I kind a like these random poor quality iphone/instagram photos that you often post, I don't even mind if you don't write a single word, just keep photos coming.

    Lov ya<3

  5. Anonymous3/10/12 11:27

    söppänä (:

  6. Tunnen niiiin suurta hattukateutta just nyt.

  7. Oi, pakko lainata toi kirja seuraavaks!


  8. oot niin ihanan omalaatunen :: )


  9. Anonymous4/10/12 14:58

    Hey flashbacking lashback from the sixties! ;) You are such an english camden character there.... at all times spiced with the savoury savvy for appearances. - Sam -

  10. en voi olla ihailematta noita sun tatskoja, whoaa! oot uskomattoman ihana, harvoja blogeja oon jaksanu seurata näin montaa vuotta menettämättä kiinnostusta mut tänne jaksan palata aina. toivottavasti et lopeta ikinä!

  11. Anonymous6/10/12 16:40

    Sun pitäis vissiin päivittää noi tiedot tosta kommenttilootan alapuolelta. Siinä lukee, että oot 17. ;D


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