September 3, 2010

I always have this fear that one day you are going to discover that I'm not as great as you once thought I was

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I just got this super duper comfortable jacket from Seppälä's children department. I think almost most of you wont like it but it will be so cosy and sweet when winter comes and I think that everyone should own some jacket like this, it looks good almost with anything.

I also bought something else and tomorrow I'm going to show them to you. Have a nice day!


  1. Anonymous3/9/10 20:03

    Ihana! Paljon makso, ja oliko tuo semmonen "link" merkkinen vai vielä pienempien puolelta?:)

  2. Anonymous3/9/10 20:17

    THE JACKET LOOKS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! AND SO DO U! :) LOVE UR BLOG <3 hugs to finland from spain

  3. i would never ever pull off this jacket!! only on you it looks great and cosy :)

  4. Mistä toi paita on? Aivan ihana nimittäin:)

  5. i love this jacket! i want this one too! LIKE's

  6. Suloinen takki :) Tavallaan muovinen kiiltävä ei kovasti uppoa, mut toi on ihan söpö.

  7. Anonymous3/9/10 21:23

    oot niin nätti oikeesti :)

  8. Anonymous3/9/10 21:47

    the heart-print-top is cute <3

  9. I think we all have this fear that one day he or she will discover that we are not that super duper glossy as he or she once thought we were. But its also vice versa: if we dont give up getting to know to each other more and believing big things about them, one day we are surprised how unique and wonderful they are...

  10. I love your outfits, but much more i love your posts. I´m dependent

  11. Anonymous - Ihan lastenosastolta on kuten jo mainitsin. Ja hinta oli kai 30e

    Anonymous - Yeah I like it too :-) Thanks

    liisa - Wow thank you :-)

    senja - Paita on alunperin Asokselta mut omani huusin Huuto.netistä

    Kristina - Jep!

    KristinaCharlotteCarolinaStroh - Thank you :-)

    Sara - Kiitti :-)

    Anonymous - Aww :-)

    fairytale - Thanks!

    Laura Sophie's - Yeah it is :-)

    Sam - I hope it's like that

    Vell - Thank you :-)

  12. pipo on ihana ja paita on aivan ihana! :)

  13. Anonymous4/9/10 16:15

    Ihana Rosa!
    Ootko muuten tietonen et ihmiset käyttää sun jotain vanhoi kuvia, kun esim. niitä löytyy aika paljon tuolta ihan Googlestakin? Olin silleen vähän WTF kun näin tän tänään youtubessa:

    Itteeni kyllä vituttais jos joku ilman lupaa kopiois mun kuvia johonkin tollaseen. Mut kai oot "tottunut" tohon ku oot kumminkin aika "tunnettu" ihan ulkomaillakin.

  14. Well, normally I hate that jacket - but on you it looks really cool and comfy and cute :) You are one of the very few persons who can definitely pull it off! :)

  15. Ihana paita tosiaankin!

  16. heii näin sut eilen Monkissa, mutta en ehtinyt tulla moikkaan kun ehit jo mennä! oot tajuttoman suloinen ja ihana takki myös :)

  17. Yuck, i can see your tummy :-)

  18. You are so awesome! This is absolutely my favourite blog and you are my style icon number one!

    So, this could be a hard question, but please, try to answer. (:

    How I could be so stylish than you? Which clothes you can live with out? What you are going to by next? and etc

  19. Anonymous4/9/10 18:21

    Kuka ottaa sun kuvat useimmiten? :)

  20. Sun blogi on ihana!

    Eniten mua kiehtoo sun upea tyyli: vedät jotenkin aivan omaa linjaasi! Jatka samaan malliin, ihana oot! 8)

  21. I need to buy something like that :) You look soooo cute! <3

  22. That jacket looks really good on you and it´s quit cool, but I could never were something like that without looking really weird!

  23. Anonymous5/9/10 00:11

    voitko tehdä videopostauksia? Sanoit et yrität tehdä ainaki kerran kahdes viikossa mut ei oo tullu nyt hetkee :( Ne on parast antii sun blogis ! :)<3

  24. mielettömän söpö tuo paita! :)

  25. I love this. so inspiring.

    xxx kissmequick

  26. Anonymous5/9/10 21:09

    moikka! tosi söpöt kengät sulla:) miten on koulu lähteny käyntiin? vieläkö sä seurustelet?

  27. i like your beanie :)


  28. Anonymous7/9/10 16:53

    ihana asu<3 videopostaus ois kiva!<3

  29. Omg! You are just sooo cute, it's absolutely amazing & i love you're eyes, too, they're so pretty :)I love you're blog and you have got style, girl! ;)

    Keep going!


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